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Synchronized Dance – Chinese are the best

Posted by worldthisday on May 2, 2007

Beautiful Synchronized Dancing show by Chinese

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Google Logo Museum

Posted by worldthisday on May 2, 2007

Google’s Fun way to commemorating holidays and event with different Logo.

Click on the Thumbnail for a Better and Enlarged Image

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Avalon Airshow – Australia

Posted by worldthisday on April 1, 2007

Look at some of these pictures that were taken from the Australian International Airshow @ the Avalon Airport that was hosted between 20-27 March 2007.

Click on the Thumbnail for a Better and Enlarged Image

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“Just Google” – a parody of “Beat It” by Michael Jackson

Posted by worldthisday on March 31, 2007

A music video devoted to everyone’s favorite search engine – Google! To the tune of “Beat It” by Michael Jackson

This is been composed by Lex Fried Man and Seth Brown

Duration of the Video ~2minutes and 11Seconds


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Windows Media Player Gadget

Posted by worldthisday on March 30, 2007

Windows Media Player Gadget

Features include: – Skinable, with four included – Supports drag/drop from a web browser or the file system – Plays all media supported by Windows Media Player, including audio and videos – Thumbnails all albums (provided you have album art) and videos (provided the codecs are installed) – Supports Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger “What I’m Listening To” – Includes a library browser, to browse the WMP media database – Playlist sorting and manual reordering – Set the user rating for the currently playing track – Supports Multimedia keyboards – Supports playlist files, such as M3U, WPL, PLS – Videos can be watched within the Gadget, or full screen – Shuffle and Repeat modes – Resumes playing when you log back into your PC – Shows album/track art of the currently playing track

Download: Windows Media Player Gadget

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Windows Vista for Singapore – Sidebar Gadgets

Posted by worldthisday on March 30, 2007

Windows Vista: Singapore Sidebar Gadgets

Here are some Singapore gadgets especially for Windows Vista users. We have more coming soon.
Infocomm Asia Gadget
The Infocomm Asia Holdings (IAH) Gadget showcases two of their latest games, Granado Espada and Hellgate: London. For each game, users will be able to access Video Trailers, Latest News, Wallpapers and Game server statuses. The Gadget also features a digital clock.Download the gadget here…

Virtual Map Gadget
The Virtual Map Community Gadget brings together the services of four local Singapore companies in one easy to use gadget. Use Virtual Map technology to find any place in Singapore, while using Yellow Pages to find business information. View information about SMRT locations and book taxis. Track loved ones as they move through the city using Grid’s peace of mind services.Street Directory never looked easier and comprehensive.Download the gadget here…
LTA Road Monitoring Gadget
For all Singapore users who want to monitor all the major expressways here is a gadget courtesy LTA (Land Transport Authority) Singapore. Monitor Road Traffic in ECP, AYE, PIE, BKE, Woodlands etc and make sure your start most of your journeys in the best planned way and avoid jams and congestion.Download the gadget here…
CNBC Gadget
The CNBC Gadget brings the latest business news and market information from the Asia region directly to your desktop. Create your own CNBC News Ticker by placing the CNBC Gadget at the bottom of your screen. The CNBC Gadget is designed for Microsoft Vista, and powered by CNBC – First in Business Worldwide.Download the gadget here…
CPF Voyage of Life Gadget
Kick-start your saving for a secure retirement! Experience your Voyage of Life. Learn how bull markets, property decisions and unexpected events can affect your retirement result.
Then, get serious about retirement by using our calculator to help you plan for your future.And of course, check out your CPF statement – to help your planning or simply to keep in touch with your CPF accounts!Download the gadget here…
MediaCorp Radio Gadget
A sidebar gadget to play Singapore online radio stations. – Use prev/next buttons to select station – Click the play button to start streaming – Song title ticker updates continuously even when player is stopped – Volume control via mousewheel or taskbar volume – Remembers last station played.Download the gadget here…
Singapore Weather Gadget
A Gadget to monitor the fickle Singapore weather to see where it is raining, cloudy and where it is sunny.Singapore Weather could be surprising, parts of the city could be sunny and it could be raining in your side of the city. Get surprised no more with the Singapore Weather Gadget.Download the gadget here…
Radio-on-Air Gadget Singapore
For MediaCorp Singapore Class 95FM listeners, this Gadgets allows you to have a look at songs being played on Air and the next song that is scheduled to be played on Air.Download the gadget here…
E-Book World
For the Ultimate Reading Experience – FlipViewer is the viewing software for FlipBooks.FlipViewer® is a FlipBook Viewer that lets you view documents, such as web pages, albums, manuals, catalogs (collectively called FlipBooks®) created using FlipPublisher®, FlipAlbum® or any products that create Open Based on the book concept, FlipViewer® is not like any conventional web browser. The pages are downloaded and organized into a book form. Individual pages are displayed like those in a real book.Download the gadget here…

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Pretty Girl Illusion

Posted by worldthisday on March 28, 2007

Can you see the Birds? Wait How about a Pretty Gal?

Looking closer at this picture shows 3 flying birds and looking the same quite away shows the beauty of a gal face.

Girl 1

Can you see the Flower, Butterflies? Wait How about a Pretty Gal?

Looking closer at this picture shows a flying butterfly and flower and looking the same quite away shows the beauty of a gal face.

Girl 2

Hope you enjoyed these illusions!

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3D Waves

Posted by worldthisday on March 27, 2007

It looks like I am been pulled into those circle of Waves. How about you?

3D Waves

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Size Of the World

Posted by worldthisday on March 27, 2007

Imagine the Size of the World
Click on the Thumbnail for a Better and Enlarged Picture

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Are You Stuck in Traffic?

Posted by worldthisday on March 21, 2007

Worst Nightmare one would experience when struck in a traffic. Get the visual help from google maps on a real time basis. This is now available for 30 major US cities. You can now see up-to-date traffic conditions to help you plan your schedule and route. If your route shows red, you’re looking at a stop-and-go commute; yellow, you could be a little late for

dinner; green, you’ve got smooth sailing. Read the rest of this entry »

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